Why is this course important?

The challenge is to change human behavior. That requires knowledge , objectivity, a sense of scale, a sense of justice, and empathy for the suffering. That is what a sustainable world is creating.

How is this course taught?

This course is a partnership between students and faculty. Every week, a guest lecturer will give a one-hour talk on their expertise (which include such topics as energy consumption, food security, population growth and family planning, climate change). The second half of class is reserved for students to discuss and present possible challenges and solutions for that week's topic. Lectures are supplemented with discussion sections led by teacher scholars. The course culminates with the capstone project, which will explore a selected issue and propose an in-depth solution to combat it.

Course information

CCN: 39844 | This course is 3 units, consisting of a 2 hour lecture and a 1 hour discussion section each week. Additionally, the class satisfies the Social Science and Behavioral Science breadth. This course was in part patterned upon the PH 116 Health and Apprenticeship Program, a student-led class that has been running for 30+ years.

2018 Spring Capstone Projects

Take a look at some of the amazing projects from last semester!

Course Staff

Malcolm Potts MD PhD

207G University Hall

Federico Castillo PhD

226 Giannini Hall

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